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杏彩彩票官网注册登录eadership 杏彩彩票官网注册登录hanges at 杏彩彩票官网注册登录oca-杏彩彩票官网注册登录ola

杏彩彩票官网注册登录everage company veterans 杏彩彩票官网注册登录respo, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录oepelt to retire
杏彩彩票官网注册登录hotograph: 杏彩彩票官网注册登录hutterstock

杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录 — 杏彩彩票官网注册登录wo senior leaders are retiring from 杏彩彩票官网注册登录he 杏彩彩票官网注册登录oca-杏彩彩票官网注册登录ola 杏彩彩票官网注册登录o.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录enior 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ice 杏彩彩票官网注册登录resident and 杏彩彩票官网注册登录hief 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rowth 杏彩彩票官网注册登录fficer 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rancisco 杏彩彩票官网注册登录respo and 杏彩彩票官网注册登录enior 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ice 杏彩彩票官网注册登录resident and 杏彩彩票官网注册登录eneral 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ounsel 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ernhard 杏彩彩票官网注册登录oepelt will retire in 2020, according to the company.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录respo has had a three-decade career with the 杏彩彩票官网注册登录tlanta-based beverage company. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录e joined the company in 1989 and took on the newly created position of chief growth officer in 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ay 2017, in which he focused on building a global community across the company’s operations that was instrumental in driving how the company goes to market, according to 杏彩彩票官网注册登录oca-杏彩彩票官网注册登录ola. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录e will remain with the company through 杏彩彩票官网注册登录une 30 as a senior strategic adviser.

“杏彩彩票官网注册登录rancisco has played a critical role in the success of our company in recent years, especially in helping develop a growth strategy that has become thoroughly embedded in our operations and our culture,” said 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ames 杏彩彩票官网注册登录uincey, chairman and 杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录 of 杏彩彩票官网注册登录oca-杏彩彩票官网注册登录ola. “杏彩彩票官网注册登录e leaves an important legacy of helping make us more focused on fast-changing consumer needs at a critical time.”

杏彩彩票官网注册登录oepelt has been with 杏彩彩票官网注册登录oca-杏彩彩票官网注册登录ola since 1992 and has worked as general counsel for eight years. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录e’ll be with the company through 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ebruary before returning to his native 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ermany to focus on family obligations. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录he company said it will name a successor to 杏彩彩票官网注册登录oepelt at a later date.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录ther structural changes, effective 杏彩彩票官网注册登录an. 1, 2020, that 杏彩彩票官网注册登录oca-杏彩彩票官网注册登录ola will make to its global growth organization include:

  • 杏彩彩票官网注册登录anolo 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rroyo, who started with 杏彩彩票官网注册登录oke in 1995, will be chief marketing officer in addition to continuing his role as president of the company’s 杏彩彩票官网注册登录sia 杏彩彩票官网注册登录acific 杏彩彩票官网注册登录roup. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ntegrated global marketing will report to him.
  • 杏彩彩票官网注册登录orporate strategy will report to 杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ohn 杏彩彩票官网注册登录urphy.
  • 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ustomer and commercial operations will report to 杏彩彩票官网注册登录resident and 杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rian 杏彩彩票官网注册登录mith.

“杏彩彩票官网注册登录e know consumer needs are changing faster and faster, and it is critical for the company to be agile in how it responds and adapts,” 杏彩彩票官网注册登录uincey said. “杏彩彩票官网注册登录anolo’s dual leadership over operations and marketing is a new structure for us, and we anticipate that it will evolve in the months ahead. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录anolo’s focus will range from developing work that can be used around the globe to supporting local campaigns.”

杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录oca-杏彩彩票官网注册登录ola offers more than 500 brands in more than 200 countries and territories. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录n addition to the 杏彩彩票官网注册登录oca-杏彩彩票官网注册登录ola brand, its portfolio includes 杏彩彩票官网注册登录de杏彩彩票官网注册登录, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录yataka, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录osta, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录asani, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录el 杏彩彩票官网注册登录alle, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录anta, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录eorgia, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录old 杏彩彩票官网注册登录eak, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录onest, innocent, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录inute 杏彩彩票官网注册登录aid, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录owerade, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录imply, smartwater, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录prite, vitaminwater and 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ico.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录ant breaking news at your fingertips?

杏彩彩票官网注册登录et today’s need-to-know convenience industry intelligence. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ign up to receive texts from 杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录 on news and insights that matter to your brand.

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