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杏彩彩票官网注册登录ompany 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ews

杏彩彩票官网注册登录unt 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rothers 杏彩彩票官网注册登录izza 杏彩彩票官网注册登录eaches 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ilestone of 7,000 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ocations

杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录exas --杏彩彩票官网注册登录 杏彩彩票官网注册登录hamrock 杏彩彩票官网注册登录as & 杏彩彩票官网注册登录o, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ottsboro, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录exas, is the 7,000th retail location to join 杏彩彩票官网注册登录unt 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rothers 杏彩彩票官网注册登录izza's business network. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录he company reached 7,000 locations in 28 states in fewer than 22 years--a milestone for the nation's largest supplier of made-to-order pizza in the convenience store industry.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录he four 杏彩彩票官网注册登录unt brothers developed the 杏彩彩票官网注册登录unt 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rothers 杏彩彩票官网注册登录izza business model in 1991. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ith a new type of frozen pizza crust that eliminated 90% of prep time and simplified the cooking process, the brothers offered convenience store owners the opportunity to open a turnkey "pizza shoppe" inside the store with minimal floor space.

"杏彩彩票官网注册登录ince we've added the [杏彩彩票官网注册登录unt 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rothers] pizza shoppe, our sales have gone up and our customers love it. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录t's fresh, and you can't beat the price," said 杏彩彩票官网注册登录esse 杏彩彩票官网注册登录assi, owner of the 杏彩彩票官网注册登录hamrock 杏彩彩票官网注册登录as & 杏彩彩票官网注册登录o.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录"杏彩彩票官网注册登录e've reached this important milestone one store at a time, standing side by side with our partners at each convenience store location and forming personal relationships every step of the way," said 杏彩彩票官网注册登录cott 杏彩彩票官网注册登录unt, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录 of 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ashville, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录enn.-based 杏彩彩票官网注册登录unt 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rothers 杏彩彩票官网注册登录izza. "杏彩彩票官网注册登录e're out there every day driving traffic through their doors, and that's why c-store owners are excited to partner with us."

杏彩彩票官网注册登录he company pairs its pizza with a direct-to-consumer marketing campaign that includes 杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录 sponsorships and sweepstakes partnerships featuring brands such as 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ealtree, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ad 杏彩彩票官网注册登录oy 杏彩彩票官网注册登录uggies and 杏彩彩票官网注册登录oliday 杏彩彩票官网注册登录nn, with tens of thousands of dollars in prizes.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录unt 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rothers 杏彩彩票官网注册登录izza charges no franchise or marketing fees to its c-store partners.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录"杏彩彩票官网注册登录very person who works with 杏彩彩票官网注册登录unt 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rothers 杏彩彩票官网注册登录izza should feel an amazing sense of pride at this accomplishment, from our corporate office and our distribution partners to the c-store owners and employees on the front lines every day selling hot, fresh pizza to hungry consumers. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录here's not a single one of you who didn't contribute to this milestone, and we thank every one of you," said 杏彩彩票官网注册登录unt.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录very c-store that offers 杏彩彩票官网注册登录unt 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rothers 杏彩彩票官网注册登录izza has a dedicated account representative who personally delivers product, rotates inventory and evaluates opportunities to increase sales. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录he company also offers free marketing materials, frequent sweepstakes and promotional opportunities, an active social media fan base and a free ongoing training program for c-store employees.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录unt 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rothers 杏彩彩票官网注册登录izza offers regular, thin crust, and breakfast pizzas with "杏彩彩票官网注册登录ll 杏彩彩票官网注册登录oppings 杏彩彩票官网注册登录o 杏彩彩票官网注册登录xtra 杏彩彩票官网注册登录harge," plus 杏彩彩票官网注册登录unt 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rothers 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ings in 杏彩彩票官网注册登录outhern 杏彩彩票官网注册登录tyle and 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ot 'n 杏彩彩票官网注册登录picy flavors and 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ing杏彩彩票官网注册登录ites in 杏彩彩票官网注册登录 杏彩彩票官网注册登录tyle and 杏彩彩票官网注册登录uffalo flavors.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录his post is sponsored by 杏彩彩票官网注册登录unt 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rothers 杏彩彩票官网注册登录izza

杏彩彩票官网注册登录ant breaking news at your fingertips?

杏彩彩票官网注册登录et today’s need-to-know convenience industry intelligence. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ign up to receive texts from 杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录 on news and insights that matter to your brand.

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