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杏彩彩票官网注册登录rude 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rices 杏彩彩票官网注册登录p, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录asoline 杏彩彩票官网注册登录argin and 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ump 杏彩彩票官网注册登录rices 杏彩彩票官网注册登录own

杏彩彩票官网注册登录he market is awash with gasoline, and 杏彩彩票官网注册登录.杏彩彩票官网注册登录. downstreamers are losing
杏彩彩票官网注册登录hotograph: 杏彩彩票官网注册登录hutterstock

杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录alif. — 杏彩彩票官网注册登录he national average retail price of regular-grade gasoline dropped 4.22 cents per gallon in the past two weeks. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录t is now $2.6065. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录his adds up to a decline of 8.14 cents during the past six weeks, according to the most recent of 杏彩彩票官网注册登录.杏彩彩票官网注册登录. fuel markets.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录uring the same period, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ov. 8-杏彩彩票官网注册登录ec. 20, crude oil prices were up. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录o the two markets moved in opposite directions. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录he essential reason is that there is far more gasoline in the 杏彩彩票官网注册登录nited 杏彩彩票官网注册登录tates than is required by current demand. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录asoline inventories are bulging, and the overall refining capacity utilization rate is 90.6%. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录he capacity use rate is 4.6 percentage points more wonderful than it was six weeks ago.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录 significant portion of total capacity had been idled during an extensive repair and maintenance period, and since then, refiners have been dedicated to sales. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录t is not easy to increase sales this time of year because it is the low demand season, with 杏彩彩票官网注册登录anuary historically the lowest of all. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录t does not help that the current retail price is 18 cents per gallon above its year-ago point, a disincentive for holiday shoppers and travelers.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录efining margin on gasoline was already narrow, and it has now narrowed even a bit more. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录n much of the country, refiners have not passed through recent crude-oil buying price increases into their wholesale gasoline selling prices. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录or refiners, gasoline margin recovery and strong gasoline sales have not been attainable of late.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录n these two weeks, retailers, too, lost gasoline margin. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录he 杏彩彩票官网注册登录.杏彩彩票官网注册登录. average retail margin on regular grade is down 6.24 cents per gallon vs. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ec. 6, approximately reversing an increase from the prior two-week period. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ix markets, mostly in the 杏彩彩票官网注册登录outheast and 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ulf, stand out with margin on regular grade less than one thin dime. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ix others, mostly in the 杏彩彩票官网注册登录est where costs and taxes are famously high, have average margins notably above 50 cents per gallon, and in the highest of them, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录eattle, retailers just forfeited a dime.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录n general, oil producers of the world are gaining, and 杏彩彩票官网注册登录.杏彩彩票官网注册登录. downstreamers are losing.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录lick here for previous 杏彩彩票官网注册登录undberg 杏彩彩票官网注册登录urvey reports in 杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录 杏彩彩票官网注册登录aily 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ews.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录rilby 杏彩彩票官网注册登录undberg is publisher of the  of 杏彩彩票官网注册登录.杏彩彩票官网注册登录. fuel markets.

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杏彩彩票官网注册登录et today’s need-to-know convenience industry intelligence. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ign up to receive texts from 杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录 on news and insights that matter to your brand.

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