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杏彩彩票官网注册登录or the convenience-store industry in 2020, scale is everything.

杏彩彩票官网注册登录s consolidation gains speed, retailers who want to stay in the industry and shake off business pressures and disruptive forces are in a push to expand store counts, markets and their brand offer. 杏彩彩票官网注册登录or the third annual 杏彩彩票官网注册登录ower 20, 杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录杏彩彩票官网注册登录 profiles retailers on the forefront of this evolutionary effort, each leveraging a mix of acquisitions, remodels and ground-ups to secure their brand’s future—and, in the process, elevate the industry’s game.

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